About Us

What if we told you that your child could play with almost all the toys in the world! Sounds impossible right? Well, we are here to transform this little desire into reality.
We, Khel Khajana, are an online library for a bevy of toys, games, books, and much, much more! Yup you read it right; we are a library where fun and learning go hand in hand.

Fun and Learning?

Of course it all looks like just fun and games, but there is so much more to what each toy has to offer. Right from developing gross and fine motor skills through rattles and clay, to developing strong eye-hand coordination and logic with puzzles, every product on our website provides both a sensory and educational advantage, leading to holistic development of the child’s mind and body.
Our skill based selection process, undertaken by professionals, ensures that your children develop and hone the skills, dexterity, and abilities imperative for their growth through the beauty of play.
We have listed down the benefits and skills of each toy right next to it making it easy for you to decide what toy you believe will help your child the most.

How can we be so sure?

  • Every single toy is handpicked by our team of experts who thoroughly check for safety, hygiene, sensory gains, educational benefits and every factor essential to ensure your child’s well being and development.
  • Each product on our website comes from reputable manufacturers and vendors spread all over the globe, which only after thorough evaluation of quality, is showcased by us.
  • All our toys are sanitized regularly with a non-toxic, child-friendly sanitizer. Our toy warehouse has strict cleanliness regulations that we adhere to thoroughly. We ensure that each toy you receive on your doorstep is 100% clean and disinfected from any possible grime.
  • Safety too is an important factor during the selection process. We ensure that the toys are listed age-wise to keep your young bundles of joy safe from any hazards owing to the sizes of the toy. We also ensure the toys are devoid of any sharp edges or parts that may cause any harm or injuries to your children.
  • Servicing Right Till Your Doorstep

    All you have to do is scroll through the toy treasure on our website, select what your child would like to play with, and let us be your special genie that fulfils ling your command.
    As soon as your child wants a new toy get back to us, let us pick up the old one for you & surprise him/her with another toy of your choice from our treasure box.

    Why Rent When I Can Buy Toys For My Children?

    We suggest you ask yourself, “Why should I buy toys when I can rent them whenever I want?”

  • Just as seasons change so do our children’s interests—today they love puzzles, tomorrow they want a board game and the day after a model helicopter! Keeping up with our children’s changing hobbies and interests definitely takes a toll on our wallets. However, renting toys provides you with a much needed economical solution as opposed to buying toys on a regular basis.
  • A toy library will open your children to a plethora of toys they probably haven’t even dreamt about! They want a toy car, you get them a remote controlled one... your options are in abundance.
  • Renting toys saves you a lot of space! Say goodbye to stuffing cupboards, bedsides, and attics with toys that may lay right there for years. De-clutter your lives by renting out the toy your children want, when they want it! Imagine what you can do with all the extra space. (A pillow fort is what we recommend!)
  • Each toy on the website provides your children with entertainment, skill, and educational benefits, curated by a team of professionals who also adhere to stringent parameters for hygiene and safety.
  • Instead of throwing out good toys, we rotate them and do our little bit for the environment.
  • No more standing in long lines for checkouts, no more searching endlessly trying to find a toy that probably isn’t there to begin with. You can select a toy to rent from the comfort of your home, your office, your car or even during an evening stroll.
  • You will be your children’s superhero with just a click.
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