We say Why spend on buying when you can rent them for much less?

Plus your children get variety and wont get bored with the same toys. Best part is that you have less clutter at home

It will save you the time taken to visit the library for toy selection and return.Plus,

  •  You can browse through the entire stock from convenience of your home.
  • Easy search for particular product and appropriate toys as per age or category.
  • Track your membership status, balance points, your renewals, and your current order and order history.

Yes, Khel Khajana takes the health and safety of your children very seriously. Our toys are sanitized thoroughly. We also encourage caregivers to return toys after cleaning.

All toys have been carefully selected keeping in mind the safety of children. The products are kid-safe made of non-toxic material and non-toxic paints.

Immediately inform the delivery boy or call the Khel Khajana center. Once we receive your report we will send you a replacement for the broken toy. When you return your toys to Khel Khajana, please include the broken toy. In case you fail to inform us within 24 hours of delivery, damages will be presumed to be done at your end and the cost has to be borne by you.

Kids will be kids, we understand that. All we ask you to do is find all the pieces of the toy and to please contact us in case a piece of a toy is misplaced or damaged. Depending on the extent of damage/loss caused appropriate charges will be deducted from your Deposit amount which you will have to pay us within 5 working days otherwise your account will be suspended. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Khel Khajanas standard renting cycle per toy is 2-4 weeks; please check your delivery chart to see how long you can retain the toys and books. We will not charge you any late fees if you inform us beforehand with a valid reason as to why you are not in a position to return the toy on time. But if you retain the toys without permission from Khel Khajana then we will charge you a fine and also recover the cost of the toy(s).

Its simple. Once you are registered as a member with us, just login to our website and click on the Add to Cart button below the desired product(s). Once you are done with your selection, click on the Checkout button on the Cart and your order will be placed.

It depends on the delivery routes of the Khel Khajana center. But we will deliver the toys within 48 working hours after you place an order.

Write to us with your requirement, Khel Khajana will be happy to assist you, provided you are already an active member. We can present suitable offers to make the event even more enjoyable!

The toy selected by you is not for sale, but do write to us with your request at care@khelkhajana.com We will be happy to offer you certain toys at attractive prices.

We are continuously updating our library, but if you still do not find what you are looking for, write to us at care@khelkhajana.com and register your wish. We will try to fulfill your request if the product has relevant learning potential.

Yes. Khel Khajana has short-term rental plans. Please check the Membership Plans page for details.

Yes. You can gift a membership plan to them. Write to us at care@khelkhajana.com with your request, and we will give you an attractive offer.

Please send in your corporate subscription request at care@khelkhajana.com We will be happy to help you.

You cannot cancel your membership if you are on the last month of your Membership/ Subscription. Apart from that, you can cancel your membership after completing all required formalities of returning all borrowed toys and making required payments (Please read out Terms and Conditions for more information). If you wish to rejoin then Reactivation Charge will be applicable.

No, once you submit a plan you cannot change it. But you can change the delivery date and time to suit your availability.

You can email us your request and depending on validity we may allow you to place an order and can give you a grace period of 3 days for the return of toy, meaning that you can return the toys 3 days after the end of your plan.

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